Lower Body Power: VRT vs Plyometrics vs Olympic Lifts

All strategies are proven to be effective, but when is one more appropriate than the others?
Variable resistance training (VRT), plyometrics, and the Olympic lifts are three popular means of developing power in athletes. All strategies are proven to be effective, but are there periods when one is more appropriate than the others? These are the essential differences:
  • VRT places low demand on technical proficiency, but lacks triple extension.
  • Plyometrics develop triple extension power under light loads, and are highly specific to most sports.

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Trust Your Training

The race itself is just the expression of what you have already accomplished.

Less than two miles into my half marathon, I was sure I had made a huge mistake. For a few seconds, I started to get down on myself, because it’s a mistake I’ve made a half dozen times before, and one I’ve spent most of the year trying to correct. I was convinced I had gone out too fast, and that I had set myself up for a miserable second split. My pacer was gapping me, my legs were starting to burn, and my mindset was sliding from calm confidence into discouraged despair.


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Tips On Balancing Your Hormones With Vegetables


T-nation shares tips on how to balance your hormones using the right veggies. Author Erick Avila explains that when you eat the right vegetables, it can help your hormones return to their normal levels and prevent cancer.

The author gave suggestions about the foods rich in IC3, which is responsible for managing hormonal levels. It affects the hormonal activities because it has a great impact on estrogen receptor activity and estrogen metabolism.

Tip: Balance Your Hormones With the Right Veggies

Eat enough of the right vegetables and they’ll help you balance your estrogen levels, which can help prevent cancer. Here’s what to eat. Read more…

Dr. Geo Espinosa from easyhealthoptions.com explains that cruciferous vegetables should be included in every man’s diet. These are important in equalizing the hormonal levels in the body as well as fight inflammatory conditions common in men such as arthritis and gout.

These vegetables include broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, Brussels sprouts, bok choy, collard greens, horseradish, and many more! To maximize your health benefits, eat them raw a few times every week.

Men: Eat These Super Veggies To Balance Your Hormones

The best vegetables for overall male health are cruciferous vegetables. These vegetables are beneficial for men’s health: In addition to fiber and vitamins, they also provide indole-3-carbinol (precursor to diindolymethane, or DIM), isothiocyanate and glucoraphanin. Read more…

Dr. Axe gives a preview about hormones. These are considered as important messengers that affects our health. If there is even one that is not balanced, it can cause some problems for us. There are various ways for us to stabilize them, the natural way. We don’t have to depend on prescription drugs just to correct a mild imbalance.

The number one way to make the levels return to normal is to eat a variety of foods that help our body. In addition to the vegetables previously mentioned, these foods include avocados, wild-caught salmon and coconut oil.

10 Ways to Balance Hormones Naturally

The entire endocrine system works together to control the level of hormones circulating throughout your body, and if one or more is even even slightly imbalanced it can cause widespread, major health problems. Read more…

Check this video from Dr. Axe about the top 5 best foods to balance it out:

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New Study Reveals: Selfies Tied To Low Self-Esteem


With the help of social media, taking selfies is quite popular. Experts say though: selfies tied to low self-esteem even if you’re just an observer.

You check your Facebook account and you see your newsfeed is flooded with people’s selfies. Don’t judge so fast. A new study says you might just be as bad.

Upi.com says that those who excessively look at selfies may lower their self-esteem. Researchers from Penn State facilitated an online survey. They wanted to examine how viewing of selfies and groupies impact people’s mental health.

It appears that those who check out their own or other people’s tend to lower their self-esteem and life contentment. Study co-author Ruoxu Wang said that it makes it easier for other people to think their life isn’t as satisfying or not as great as others.

Surfing Through Selfies Tied To Low Self-Esteem?

But a new study suggests that some are doing it so much that it may lower their self-esteem. Read more…

Economictimes.indiatimes.com reports that stud co-author Ruoxu Wang says that the studies done related to social networking sites involve motivation for posting as well as liking content. However, they’re starting to analyze the effect of viewing behavior as well.

What Wang means by viewing behaviour is not limited to those people posting their own pictures and those that participate in group pictures. They’re also trying to look at the effect of viewing behavior for “lurkers” – when a person simply observes the newsfeed and does not participate in posting or liking.

Addicted To Looking At Your Selfies On FB? You May Be Suffering From Low Self-Esteem

This form of participation in social media may sound like it should have little effect on how humans view themselves, but the study, published online in the Journal of Telematics and Informatics, revealed the exact opposite. Read more…

Florian Rosado from Sott.net reports that there were participants who were classified as having a strong motivation for popularity. This had a positive effect on participants since their self-esteem and life satisfaction went up. It was likely to happen because the activity had served its purpose by making the participants’ appear popular. 

The research team wanted their study to increase awareness especially in using social media as well as its effect to people. Yang, one of the study’s authors, mentioned that it’s going to help people understand the importance and consequences of their posting behavior on social media.

Viewing Selfies Linked To Lower Self-Esteem

Posting behavior did not have significant psychological effects for participants. Viewing behavior did. Read more…

This research is quite promising. It may help counsellors guide those who are feeling a whole range of emotions, the ones who think they’re not enough, and those who see their lives as unsatisfying. This study has the potential to address issues on social media concerning mental health.

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The Global Junk Food Concern – UN Expert Says It Is Now A Human Rights Issue


We are aware that millions of people suffer from malnutrition and they’re turning into junk food because off accessibility. Let’s find out more about what a UN Expert has to say about this.

Nutrition is an important concern worldwide. Helena Bottemiller Evich from Politico.com reports that UN expert Hilal Elver says that the fact that cheap choices are now rampant presents a huge impact.

The human rights framework: requires governments to manage the industry, make policies in nutrition without any influence from the private sector, and uphold rules to combat malnutrition. The expert stressed on the fact that children and developing countries are most affected by the trend.

U.N. Expert Suggests Junk Food A Human Rights Issue

The fact that cheap, nutrient-devoid dietary patterns are proliferating presents a human rights concern, a top United Nations expert suggested Tuesday. Read more…

Michael Astor from The Associated Press explains that poor people were made to choose between economic viability and nutrition. This is the actual fact that violates their rights, as per the UN representative. The expert added that countries should do their part and even go beyond in making sure that the population meets the minimum nutrition requirements.

This is to be certain that they have access to nutritionally adequate sustenance that will enable them to survive. However, the sad truth remains: many countries fail to meet such nutritional standards to stop malnutrition.

Junk Food Is A Human Rights Concern: UN Expert

Hilal Elver, the UN’s special representative on the right to food, said Tuesday the rise of industrial food production combined with trade liberalization has allowed large corporations to flood the global market with cheap, nutrient-poor foods that force poor people to choose between economic viability and nutrition, effectively violating their right to adequate food. Read more…

Thomas Phippen reports that Elver addresses the rise of industrial companies in the food industry made it easier for them to infiltrate people’s diet. People should have enough nutrition and this should be encouraged through constant monitoring and transparency. 

Other UN representatives called out these unhealthy choices as the primary contributor of major health issues around the globe. Unhealthy diets present dangers that even match tobacco use. Diabetes and obesity rates have sky-rocketed over the past years. 

UN Declares Junk Food A ‘Human Rights’ Issue

A United Nations special representative called on the leaders of the world to craft policies that confront cheap, un-nutritious, industrially produced food Tuesday. Read more…

This leads us to the conclusion: don’t question why vegetables are expensive. Instead, question why cheap food is so affordable. 

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Woman Now Drinking More: Females Catching Up With Men In Alcohol Consumption


Karla Pequenino for CNN reports that according to a new study, women are catching up when it comes to drinking. The study was released in BMJ Open and it involved an analysis of 4 million people born between 1891 and 2001. In the past, it proved that men were likely to consume alcohol in amounts that can possible have an impact in their health.

However, it appears that today, women are equal with men. Men are 1.1 times more likely to drink than women who are 1.3 times more likely to consume alcohol. This presents such a small difference in number. The results came from the 68 international studies published between 1980 and 2014. The research team took a look at their levels of alcohol intake. They were grouped by birth dates.

Women now drink nearly as much alcohol as men, study finds

The report, published in the medical journal BMJ Open, analyzed 4 million people born between 1891 and 2001 and found that, historically, men were more likely to drink alcohol, and in amounts that would damage their health. Read more…

Sarah Boseley from the The Guardian reports that the change was brought about by different factors. These factors include the price and marketing population. Drinks are cheaper, therefore easier obtained. Let’s consider the fact that there’s a sudden shift in prospective buyers – most companies take a look at women as product consumers.

Due to these successful marketing strategies, this may even result to women out-drinking men. There is a need to focus public health efforts and attention to women, especially those who are in danger of developing alcohol-use disorders.

Women Now Drink As Much Alcohol As Men, Global Study Finds

Women have caught up with men in the amount of alcohol they drink and are doing increasing amounts of damage to their health as a result, according to a global study that looked at the consumption habits of four million people over a period of over a century. Read more…

Samantha Cooney from Time Magazine says that as females chug down more liquor, it increases their risks for developing health problems related to alcohol consumption. The study’s authors strongly emphasize that public health officers should start doing measures how to address this major concern.

The study explains that alcohol use and health issues in historical times were associated with the male gender. The results of the study indicate that this assumption should now be put into question. Females show the same numbers as men – this explains that there should be efforts to stabilize the effect of substance use and other health related concerns.

Women Are Now Drinking Almost as Much as Men

We’ve finally reached near gender parity — when it comes to alcohol consumption, at least. Read more…

In this case, the best plan of action is to educate women about the risks that they face if this kind of lifestyle continues. One should always know when to draw the line between occasional and habitual drinking.

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You Can Get Fit in a Quarter Hour

All-out effort is the secret ingredient to making the most of a 15-minute session.

I know a personal trainer who owns a very successful personal training business that trains clients in fifteen minute sessions. Yes, 15:00 of high intensity, all-out, balls-to-the-wall effort. He obtains positive results from these sessions. That approach works if you use the minimal time wisely—minimal exercise prescriptions that target major muscle groups and the cardiovascular system.


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