Improve Foot Flexibility: The Exercises To Increase Mobility

Athletes focus a lot on muscle groups that they use for workout sessions. Most of the time, the feet gets neglected. People never really cared much about stretching their feet.

OxygenMag gives us a preview how to improve foot flexibility using simple tips. Stretching the feet is quite important as tight ankles or feet result in stiff posterior chain which means it cannot adapt to uneven ground and will likely cause injury.

Improve Foot Flexibility and Mobility

As athletes, we spend a lot of time stretching our large muscle groups in preparation for workouts, but we bet each of you a hundred bucks that you’ve never really taken the time to stretch…Read more…

Breaking Muscle gives us these strengthening exercises in order to make your speed, power and balance better. The author talks about how people tend to overlook this essential part of their body. Core muscles, upper body and lower body get the most attention. People only focus on feet if there’s already injury.

If we really look into it, we use these to do almost all activities every day. From standing, walking, and running, we use our lower extremities to perform our daily routines. These serve as the main foundation of the body.

5 Foot Strengthening Exercises To Improve Speed, Power, And Balance

The stronger your feet, the stronger your foundation is for everything. Not to mention, strengthening your feet will help alleviate and prevent pain throughout the rest of your body. If your training goal is to be able to move with better strength, balance, power, and control, then you must train the two things that tie it all together. Read more…

GMB tells us that we can’t execute our day-to-day routine without our lower extremities. A few people only know about the importance of strong and flexible lower extremities. Stable feet, ankles and calves help our movement and balance. These help us execute well without pain or difficulty.

Those who have trouble in their lower limbs tend to have issues on training and regular activity. These can have an overwhelming impact in their lives. In order to stop that, check these tips for a more effective approach in strengthening your lower limbs.

Fix Your Feet – Mobility, Strength, and Flexibility Exercises for Foot and Ankle Health

This article will give you a brief introduction to the basic anatomy and movements in the ankle and foot (just enough for a good familiarity, but not enough for you to perform surgery…). Then, I’ll discuss the primary importance of working on this area, and finally, how to incorporate exercises for these areas into your training routine. Read more…

Check this video from Adarsh Williams: Calf, Lower Leg & Foot Stretching Routine – Active Isolated Stretching

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