Plaques In The Brain Can Affect The Heart

New research presents findings that indicate protein fragments that form plaques in the brain of Alzheimer’s patients may stiffen the heart muscle and eventually lead to heart failure.

These fragments are termed as amyloid beta. The study found that the heart tissue test samples indicate that there are increased levels of amyloid beta. These chunks create plaques between neurons and are the major markers.

Alzheimer’s Protein Plaques May Also Cause Cardiovascular Problems

This study will need to be replicated in a larger number of people to gather a better understanding of amyloid beta deposits both del Monte and Bove said. Read more…

Belmarra Health reports that the study involved 22 people with the condition. These individuals were compared to 35 healthy people. Test results depict that those with the disease had thicker walls (left ventricle) and it lowers the ability to expand and take in blood.

The plaques are the ones responsible for this. Dr. Alfred Bove, a cardiologist, clarifies that if the heart muscle has deposits, it tends to get stiffer. It may lose its ability to relax appropriately and can result to failure.

Amyloids Triggering Alzheimer’s Disease Can Also Raise Heart Failure Risk

In other studies, amyloid deposits have been found in other areas of the body including the gut, kidneys, and muscles. Read more…

Breaking News shares that the risk factors are related to heart failure with preserved ejection fraction. This is the condition when ventricles aren’t able to effectively draw blood because it has become too stiff.

Del Monte says that these findings should alert doctors of Alzheimer’s patients especially about the potential risks and cardiovascular problems that might affect those who were diagnosed.

Bove says that it’s not surprising to find beta amyloid in the heart because it appears that this is not isolated to the brain. Different tissues can be affected and where it deposits, there will be an after effect.

Alzheimer’s Brain Plaques May Harm The Heart, Too

Testing revealed that people with Alzheimer’s disease tended to have increased thickness in the wall of their left ventricle, one of the lower chambers . The ventricles had a reduced ability to expand and take in blood before it’s pumped out… Read more…

As of this time, the study will need to be conducted in a larger population to accumulate enough information. This is to understand the deposits found in the major organ.

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