Why I’ve Only Worked Out Six Times In Two Months

Yesterday was only the sixth or seventh time I’ve strength trained in the last eight weeks. Yes, that’s less than once a week over the past two months. I’ve done some walking here and there, but I’d be lying if I told you I’ve been moving my body regularly.

In fact, this is literally the least amount of physical activity I’ve done in the last 13 years.

What can I say? Life got crazy-busy in every possible direction. I’ve had:

  • book releases
  • in-person events
  • GGS stuff
  • family stuff
  • personal stuff
  • life stuff

… and it’s all been really effin’ hard.

Not only have I not had the time to work out, my desire to work out has been low, too. I simply haven’t had the time — or the energy to make the time.

Many moons ago, if I had gone to the gym less than once a week for two months, my lack of movement would have been accompanied by a food free-for-all (and by that I mean eating all the things). It would have also sent me down a self-loathing shame spiral…

“What’s wrong with you?”
“Why can’t you just get yourself to the gym?”
“A fitness pro who doesn’t work out? You’re a sham!”
“Well if you’re not going to work out, what’s the point in eating well?”

But it hasn’t been like that. I’ve been eating the same way I always eat (save for a very strange three-day Brussel sprouts and Mike and Ike phase I went through back in March). Meat, veggies, chips, queso, fruit, eggs, Halo Top, fats, and my fair share of Chipotle and big-ass salads.

As for my inner dialogue about not working out?

Well, there hasn’t really been any of that chatter from my past. It just is what it is at this moment. While I’m looking forward to getting back into a regular routine, I am certain that my self-worth, my gifts, and my abilities as a fitness professional have absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I’ve hardly worked out in two months.

I’m not worried about “getting back on the wagon” because there is no wagon to drag myself back onto. (By the way, doesn’t that sound exhausting? Getting back on the wagon after you’ve “fallen off.” Ugh. No thanks!)

I will simply start going back to the gym regularly as soon as my schedule and energy allow, and it will be no big deal because it doesn’t matter if I go to the gym today, or go to the gym tomorrow. It matters that I’m still moving my body twenty years from now.

I don’t need to shame myself into “getting back in shape.” I don’t need to berate myself for being a bit weaker in some of the lifts. And I certainly don’t need to crush myself as punishment for taking some time off when other priorities have demanded my time and attention. In fact, in my experience, feeling the need to do these things to “make up for” taking a break is one reason why people are so hesitant to get started again. It feels like punishment. It’s no wonder people take a short break from working out and then wake up one day and realize it’s been years since they moved their bodies.

As for me? I’ll be honest. It took a long time to get to a place where my self-worth wasn’t wrapped up in what I’m eating, how I’m exercising, or what my body looks like.

It took a very long time, but it has been one of the most worthwhile journeys of my life because it has freed up my mental and emotional energy to focus on other things. In fact, it’s one of the reasons why I feel so passionate about our Strongest You Coaching program because that’s exactly what we help women do. It’s a nine-month group coaching program designed to help women heal their relationship with food and their bodies, and help them discover a way of eating and exercising that enhances their life instead of ruling their life.

This is not a quick-fix diet, or a 30-day shred, or a “6 weeks to a new you” program.

It’s the complete opposite. Strongest You Coaching has helped so many women step off the diet roller coaster and start living their lives how they were meant to be lived — eating and moving their bodies in a sustainable way that they actually enjoy!

If you’re sick of starting over, and you’re ready to find peace once and for all, you can fill out an application here. Registration closes TOMORROW NIGHT and spots are already going fast!

In our Strongest You Coaching program, we help women just like you reach their health, physique, and mindset goals. Strongest You Coaching is about more than just training and nutrition. It’s about changing your self-talk and inner dialogue, learning to let fitness enhance your life instead of rule your life, and finally healing your relationship with food and your body, all with the help of your Girls Gone Strong Coach, and your fellow Strongest You Coaching group.

Strongest You Coaching is a 9-month online group coaching program that gives you tools to succeed and puts the power to make lasting changes in your hands. We teach you how to finally eat and exercise in a way that you love so you can sustain it forever.

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