Toronto Pro SuperShow Expo 2017

Join the Nutrition Club for the Toronto Pro SuperShow Expo on May 27th & 28th!

Toronto Pro SuperShow Expo Details

The 2017 Toronto Pro SuperShow will showcase more than 100 booths of the latest sports equipment, apparel and nutrition. The EXPO will host several sporting competitions, events, feature several guest speakers and industry celebrities.

The Toronto Pro SuperShow EXPO will be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre Exhibition Halls in the North Building. It is Canada’s largest health and fitness exposition. It showcases leading businesses and organizations with the latest trends in the industry. The Toronto Pro SuperShow EXPO is a must-see attraction at $20.00 per day; is a great value for the level of sport entertainment.


The EXPO Stage hosts the Toronto Pro SuperShow IFBB Pro Judging, Absolute Touch/Muscle Memory Women’s & Men’s Model Searches, Armwrestling Finals along with a series of entertainment and guest speakers.

Sports and Events

The Toronto Pro SuperShow EXPO will be hosting Battle of the Gyms Obstacle Course; Women & Men Model Searches and Pro Wrestling, Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Armwrestling, Amateur Strongman, Crossfit, Pole Fitness, Calisthenic, and IFBB Pro Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure, Bikini and Physique Competitions.

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How to Reduce the Risk of Serious Hair Loss

Whatever the length, color or style, hair is something most people invest time and money in to make it look as good as possible. When thick, shiny hair is the ultimate goal, signs of hair loss can be devastating for even the most confident people.

Unfortunately, around a third of the population will experience some level of hair thinning or loss, many of them women. In some cases, this is unavoidable due to genetics or medical conditions. In others it is triggered, or worsened, by factors that can be controlled. Losing between 50-100 strands of hair a day is considered perfectly normal, but any more than that is a strong warning signal.

Whatever the reason, at the first signs of hair loss or thinning it is possible to take action to try to halt or dramatically slow the process. Opportunities to reduce the risk of hair loss come in many forms, some simple and some requiring medical supervision, but all offer hope to anyone keen to help turn things around.

Serious Hair Loss

Review Your Hair Care Routine

Be honest; do you take the time to read the ingredients list and buy shampoo made by a company you trust, or go straight for the cheapest on the shelf at the drugstore, regardless? Choosing products that are mild, gentle, and designed to suit the type of hair you have, helps reduce breakage.

Stay away from hair dryers and other hair styling appliances, as overheating your scalp can damage hair follicles; save them for special occasions instead.

Wear Your Hair Loose

Styles that pull at your scalp leave hair vulnerable to stretching and snapping at the roots, causing permanent damage to the hair follicle. Try wearing it down or in a loose style, and switch things out every day or two.

Feed Your Hair

Hair is a living thing that needs vitamins and minerals as much as any other part of the body. Eating a varied and healthy diet will help your hair stay healthy.

Nurture Your Hair and Scalp Naturally

Plan a weekly hair and head massage using coconut, olive or almond oil. Use your fingertips to apply light pressure as you massage the oil into your hair and scalp.

Exploit Onions!

Onion juice can help improve circulation and combat inflammation, factors thought to trigger hair loss. Grate and squeeze a raw onion to extract the juice, apply the liquid to your scalp and leave for thirty minutes before rinsing and shampooing as usual. Studies suggest this is a very effective method of stimulating hair re-growth in problem areas.

Try a Trustworthy Product

Maximize your chances of beating hair loss by incorporating a medically approved anti-hair loss product into your action plan. Something like the FDA approved Scalp Med is a well-reviewed topical treatment with decent success rates and positive reviews.

There are no quick fixes available to avoid or overcome hair loss issues, but with commitment and dedication there are plenty of positive and useful things you can do. Make the most of everything on offer to improve your chances of success.

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Hair Loss and Women

Are you tired of seeing more of your hair on your brush and shower floor than you think should be there? If so, what are some of the things you can do about it? A good way to think of your hair is to think about a flower garden. How and if the flowers grow in the garden are a direct result of what is going on underneath the surface. The same concept applies to hair growth. Your hair’s growth is related to what is going on inside of your body.

Like a garden, a normal hair cycle should result in the growth of hair at the end. Hair growth cycles are extremely important because if there is a hiccup in one or two cycles, the entire process can result in the loss of hair and that is something that women definitely do not want.

There is an extensive list of things that can affect hair growth including:

  • Medication
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Illness
  • Chemicals

Hair cycles are dynamic, and any interruption can cause a cycle to get off track.

Although hair loss appears to be a problem that is more prevalent in men, women between the ages of 50 and 60 also often experience hair loss. In fact, women of any age can experience hair loss and this is what leads many to look for a quality thin hair treatment.

Hair Growth Cycles

The hair growth cycle is made of three separate cycles known as anagen, catagen and telogen. At any given time, over 90% of the hair on a woman’s head is in the anagen phase, also known as the growth phase. This phase can last up to eight years.

The transition, or catagen, phase may last up to one month. During this phase, the follicles shrink. The hair rests in the last, or telogen, phase.

This means that most of the hair on a woman’s head is growing, and only around 10% of the hair is in the resting phase.

Hair Loss

It is common to lose up to 100 strands of hair on a daily basis. When you wash your hair, you may lose over 200 strands at one time. However, this doesn’t mean you should stop washing your hair because it will fall out sooner or later.

If you do not want to count strands every day, there are some simple ways to tell if your hair is thinning. One thing that you can do is look at your pillow as soon as you wake up. Substantial amounts of hair on your pillow or clumps of hair on your brush or comb can indicate your hair may be thinning.

Bloodwork can confirm a cause for your hair loss, and can also determine if you have a thyroid issue or if an autoimmune disorder is the cause of your thinning hair.

Other Culprits

Genetics and over manipulation of the hair can also cause hair loss. If you suspect over manipulation is causing your hair to become thinner, you can start to reverse the process by avoiding hair dyes, blow dryers, flat irons and brushes.

Also avoid hairstyles that can place excess pressure on the strands like cornrows or ponytails. These are the styles that can cause traction alopecia.

Fortunately, hair growth can return when these issues are addressed and resolved. However, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist if you suspect something is awry with your hair.

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7 Dietary Habits You Should Develop For Consistent Weight Loss×300.jpg

Whenever people broach the topic of weight loss, changing or adjusting one’s diet always comes up as one of the major factors that will aid the whole process. Many people often think taking up a healthier diet is such a radical thing and they will have to be confined to eating ‘boring’ food for the rest of their lives.

This is a common misconception that has led to many people to turn their backs on changing their diet and only focus on working out to lose weight. While this will work, it will not be as effective as it would be if you incorporated some dietary habits to your regimen.

The key is adapting to a healthy diet and making small changes which eventually turn into significant changes. You should remain consistent and adopt a routine that is realistic and achievable.

Here are some dietary habits that you can introduce to your lifestyle in order to achieve adequate weight loss results.


Water is not only essential for weight loss; it is also an integral element in the makeup of the body.  Drinking water helps the body to keep functioning at the required level and also keeps the metabolism process going.

Water can significantly aid the weight loss process as regular intake helps the body in burning calories. Experts recommend that you should take 8 to 12 glasses daily for better results. They also recommend a glass of water before meals to aid in reducing your appetite.

Eat Breakfast

The first thing you should think about once you get out of bed in the morning is breakfast. Breakfast is an important meal of the day as it helps you jumpstart your body in the morning and keep active through the rest of the day.

Studies have shown that many of the people who have a problem with overeating are people who miss breakfast. This essentially leads to making poor food choices and overeating during the day to compensate for the missed meal.

Eat a healthy and adequate portion of breakfast in the morning to eliminate the possibility of over indulging through the rest of the day’s meals.

Eat Up to Five small portioned meals during the day

When the body goes for more than 3 hours without food, the levels of Cortisol- stress hormone – increase in the body. This hormone then signals the body to reserve fat in the stomach area.

You are advised to eat small healthy meals and snacks during the day so as to avoid the increment of the stress hormone levels in the body. Meals should also not be skipped within the day. You could also drink smoothies or supplement snacks with protein powder that help to keep your energy levels high through the day.

Studies reveal that using small sized plates and bowls help in reducing meal portions.

Stick to a consistent menu

During weight loss, the body thrives on predictability. Create a menu that has meals which provide the body with the required nutrients and also a realistic one that you will remain maintain consistency with.

Sticking to a menu helps your body to anticipate and get used to the meal intake and thereby make the metabolism process efficient.

Snack on whole meals

Whole meals like oats and sesame cereals help the body to maintain or increase the metabolic rate. However, the body should not be deprived of calories too quickly.  It is important to note that you can incorporate healthy calories that have nutritional benefits to your diet.

Weaning the body off addictive calories should be a gradual process in order to eliminate the possibility of complications.

Have some cheat days

Once in a while, you can treat your body to cheat days to your favourite meals, only learn to do it with discipline. Portion your meals and make use of these cheat days to celebrate your weight loss success, however big or small it is.

Remember, small steps always lead to significant changes over time.

Plan your meals

Experts reveal that planning your meals beforehand reduces the possibility of deviating from your healthy lifestyle and settling for terrible meal choices.

Using the menu, take a day to prepare all your meals for the week, use Tupperware to put your meals and label them for each day. Prepare all your smoothies and protein powder combinations in time to face the week as well.


Weight loss should not be a dreadful thing. Incorporating these easy tips with a workout, patience, consistency and a positive attitude, will give you the results you have always dreamed of.

Olivia Jones

Olivia writes on health and food at Every Nutrient! She’s written a whole other bunch of articles that deals with health and fitness foods for people from all walks of life. Every Nutrient focuses on effective changes that you can make to live a healthy and fulfilled life!


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Liquid Grip Review

Take the Liquid Grip Challenge!

Professional rock climbers, fitness enthusiasts and athletes have found their grip.

Liquid Grip is a “water based hydrocellulose thickener that allows for rosin and chalk to mix in a suspension formula.” It is made of alcohol, magnesium carbonate, thickener and fragrance.

Liquid Grip dries within seconds of applying, but it surely promotes better friction and long lasting grip. Although it works just like chalk, it leaves zero mess on the floor and other equipments, and easily washes off with soap and water.

More amazing features include antibacterial effects, aromatic fragrance, as well as aids in blister prevention. On top of that, Liquid Grip is biodegradable and made of 100 percent natural ingredients. Even a small application promotes more effective grip than chalk and rosin!

The product has been approved by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), American Softball Association (ASA), Professional Golfers Association (PGA), and Rugby Football Union for softball, baseball and football usage for all fielding positions.

Coaches, trainers and athletic directors highly recommend this product for its effective delivery. Weightlifters who have it in their gym bags also gave a lot of positive reviews.

GoodLife Fitness, Canada’s leading fitness and gym, recently signed Liquid Grip into its GoodLife Advantage Program.  Members who purchase Liquid Grip Chalk with the official Liquid Grip coupon will enjoy discounts and other benefits in the gym.

With this partnership, Liquid Grip becomes easily accessible to health-conscious Canadians.

Liquid Grip was first introduced at the Arnold Sports Festival in Ohio back in 2010. The staff picked the said event because they wanted to unveil the product to a large crowd of athletes. And true enough, they succeeded in making an impression.

Liquid Grip is available in 1.5 fluid ounce and 8 fluid ounce bottles. It is currently sold in six different countries.

This review of Liquid Grip was done by MikeTheMovieDude

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CHFA West 2017

Join Nutrition Club for the CHFA West 2016! The CHFA West is largest conference and trade show in Western Canada serving the natural health and organics industry. It’s the place where retailers meet the industry’s top manufacturers, distributors and brokers, face-to-face.

CHFA West 2017 Details

Trade Show: April 8 & 9, 2017
10:00 a.m – 5:00 p.m. daily

Vancouver Convention Centre, West Building, Vancouver, BC

New Mobile Guide Now Available

We’ve created a mobile guide for attendees to easily access all the information needed to make the show experience enjoyable, efficient and hassle-free. Compatible with any phone or device, the mobile guide includes:

– Conference Program
– Products by Category
– Floor Plans
– Exhibitor List and Sponsors
– City Map

On your phone, simply go to in the browser to access and save the mobile guide. It’s quick, easy and mobile.

On-site Attendee Registration Hours:

Thursday, April 6: 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Friday, April 7: 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Saturday, April 8: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Sunday, April 9: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m


For more information click here!

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Eating Your Way to Fabulous Hair

If you have been getting your hair trimmed every six weeks, avoiding heat-based styling tools and conditioning your hair with each wash, you may get depressed when it fails to grow any longer or healthier. The fact of the matter is that your hair woes may extend beyond the exterior. Yes, it is true that Scalp Med can help nearly anyone with hair growth issues see noticeable progress, but you can improve your health even more by improving how you eat. Since hair needs nutrients to grow, what better way to get longer hair than by eating clean and nutritionally sound foods?

What Your Hair Indicates About Your Diet

It may be easier for you to crack open a can of soda when you feel thirsty, but all that sugar is ending up somewhere. Even for people that don’t gain weight despite eating loads of junk food, signs of an unhealthy diet can manifest other ways. First, your skin will definitely not be blemish free, well hydrated or supple if you eat fried chicken and French fries on a daily basis. Your nails may also be short and brittle, and you can expect your hair to grow at a much slower rate. Your hair, skin and nails are going to bear the brunt of eating an unhealthy diet in addition to the risk of packing on additional pounds.

Making Small Changes to Your Diet for a Big Difference

Making a change as small as drinking more water can lead to your hair growing at an accelerated rate. By trading in your normal snack of potato chips for kale, you may notice shinier locks as a result. Some people also help to improve the health of their hair by going vegan or cutting out all fried foods, but all types of changes, small and large, will make your hair stronger. If you are using Scalp Med products, you can anticipate a big change in the way that your hair looks and grows.

Hair Vitamins and Supplements

Whether you apply them directly to your scalp or add them in with your smoothie, hair growth supplements that are ingested are also a big help. Eating foods that are rich in protein will help your hair to grow thicker. This, with hair vitamins, can produce positive changes when tried for a few months in a row. The good news about hair vitamins is that you can miss a dose here and there and not have your results compromised. So find the kind of hair vitamin that you can see yourself taking every day and make sure that you top them off with a big glass of water for proper digestion.

Amazing Hair Growth Foods

If you cut back on the foods that you know are not good for your health, you can in turn have healthier hair. Like other methods, eating your way to better looking hair is going to take time, but the results are irreversible so long as you continue to treat your body well. Start snacking on fruit instead of donuts and watch the wonder of nature make your hair thicker, fuller and easier to manage.

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